B7 Matriline and A Pod Calls

The Orcalab recording 230B from Cracroft Point and Parson’s Island, BC (August 13, 2006, 15:15-16:00) had audible calls at the beginning of the tape then boat noise increased towards the end.  The B7 Matriline could be identified from calls N1 (45%), N16 (18%), and N18 (10%). Other members from A pod were heard using N4 (18%) and the A12special (10%). A total of 11 discrete calls were identified (n=11).

(photos – L pod)

B10 (b.1979) is a big male with a huge dorsal fin that flops over to the left and lays flat along the water causing him to swim sideways.  The above photo reminds me of the day I saw him and his two brothers (B12 1984-2006 and B13 b.1987) in 2004.  They were on either side of him guiding him along as B10 swam almost sideways because of his heavy dorsal fin.


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