232B (2006)

A total of 185 discrete killer whale calls were identified on the 232B recording from August 13, 2006.  The recording begins at 20:15 and ends at 21:00.  The Northern Resident vocalizations were recorded off Cracroft Point, BC, by Orcalab during foraging activities.  Clicks were heard frequently typically given in a series, which are used as echolocation signals.  Whales identified by field observers included the A30, A12, A11, A24, A25, A08, B07, and I15 matrilines.  The N4, N9, and N5 call types were used most frequently respectively; N1 (3.78%), N2 (5.41%), N3 (2.16%), N4 (53.0%), N5 (12.4%), N9 (19.5%), N13 (2.16%), and N17 (1.76%).


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