240 – 250 (2006) – Northern Resident Calls

250A (2006 – CP)

The Orcalab recording 250A starts at 11:55am and ends at 12:43pm on August 15, 2006. The northern resident killer whales were heard vocalizing and echolocating at Cracroft Point, British Columbia.  A total of 182 discrete calls were identified; N1 (18%), N2 (27%), N4 (27%), N5 (3%), N9 (25%).

245A (2006)

The tape starts at 23:23 on August 14, 2006.  Loud tug noise is heard at Cracroft Point and water noise at the rubbing beach, no calls. Recording ends at 23:47 (n = 0).

240A (2006 – CP)

The recording 240A by Orcalab starts at 15:09 on August 14, 2006. Faint N4 (n=4) and N5 calls (n=1) were heard at Cracroft Point, BC.   Boat noise increases throughout the tape and ends at 15:54.


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