260A – 280A (RB – CP)

Main Beach Robson Bight / Michael Bigg Ecological Reserve, Vancouver Island, British Columbia (photo – Rachael Griffin)

The Orcalab recording 270A starts at 17:20 on Friday August 18, 2006 ending at 18:09.  The A4 northern resident killer whale matriline (Orcinus orca) was heard rubbing on the pebbles at Main Beach and vocalizing.  Strong rubs were heard at 17:21 and 17:24.  A total of 12 discrete calls were identified and analyzed; N3 (17%) and N4 (83%).

Recording 275A starts at 20:11 on Sunday August 20, 2006, Cracroft Point, BC.  Loud boat noise and distant calls were heard.  The tape stopped at 20:26 restarting at 21:54.  Boat noise decreased and the whales were again heard vocalizing.  The recording ended at 22:47 with a total of seven discrete calls analyzed; N4 (71%), and N9 (29%).

Recording 280A starts at 10:23 on Monday August 21, 2006 ending at 11:11.  There was loud boat noise throughout the tape increasing toward the end.  A total of 15 northern resident discrete calls from Cracroft Point, BC were identified and anaylzed; N1 (27%), N4 (60%), and N9 (13%).


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